Three things that make a difference…

  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Creativity

I am a curious person. Always have been, and I hope I always will be.

Curiosity is a creative state of ignorance. Whilst curiosity and ignorance are similar states of mind, both have very different somatic implications.


At school there seemed to be so much I didn’t know.

When asked a question by the teacher I was always last to feign an answer.

If asked directly I would freeze with embarrassment, eventually responding with… I don’t know…I felt ignorant, stupid and inadequate.

I thought everyone else had reached the same conclusion about me. My body was immobilized, my mind a complete blank. At the same time my heart raced and pounded so hard it might have beaten me to death.

Curiosity, a similar state of ‘not knowing’, feels completely different.

It’s closer to a state of wonderment, of awe.

Filled with curiosity, my body feels loose and mobile. My eyes and ears remain open to every bit of information and I am eager to know what something looks like, sounds like, feels like, smells like and tastes like.

I may still be in a state of ignorance, but the difference is I am excited and want to know more.

Fostering a state of curiosity fills us with a confidence to ask lots of questions like how something is formed, what it looks like and sounds like, where it can be found and how it relates to what’s around it.

As our curiosity grows so does our experience and knowledge. If encouraged and supported this growing wealth of experience helps us identify what we are really interested in and what leaves us cold.

When I’m curious about life I’m going to discover what excites me, what drives me, what gives my life purpose.

In short what I am passionate about.

Passion fires the senses and sharpens the mind.

Creativity is an extension of curiosity and passion. Creativity asks ‘how else could it be formed, what else could it look and sound like and where else might it, or something similar be found?’

Creativity generates possibilities. The more possibilities we have the more choice we have.

Without passion choice can be a burden. Certainly too much choice leads to paralysis and indecision. With passion, choice, arrived at through creative questioning adds to my experience of life.

The belief that there is only one way to do something, only one right answer means I’m either right or wrong.

I can feel pleased with myself for having learned the answer or stupid, ignorant and inadequate that all I have are a lot of questions.

Without curiosity and passion Life becomes predictable, and without creativity change is increasingly difficult to accomplish.

With such certainty something very valuable is lost… our sense of curiosity.


So I believe:   Curiosity leads to Passion which leads to Creativity which enables Change


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