Integrative Therapy

This is not a definitive explanation of what Integrative Therapy is.

You can get that elsewhere.

Instead I want to write here and in the posts published on this blog about my understanding of Integrative Therapy, and how I practice it.

Therapy is about stories.

One person telling their story whilst another person listens, both are impacted by the unfolding narrative.

Every time a client tells me their story I am filled with a curiosity to know more.

Thought is embodied.

Sensation agitates the muscles and nervous system and thought stirs into being.

Words are signposts to and from the body and it is in the body that stories are created and maintained.

We form and develop our sense of self through relationship.

It’s a life long, creative process.

We are all artists in this process, shaping, narrating, and living our lives as best we can.

At any one point, alone or with trusted friends we can stop to review the process of our life.

Integrative Therapy offers a flexible opportunity to pause and reflect.

To celebrate what is helpful and working well, and see more clearly what is not.

With awareness we can find ways to make lasting changes to how we experience our selves, others and the environment.

Deepening and enriching the narrative of our lives.

The theoretical approaches that influence my work most are Gestalt therapy, Narrative Therapy, Existentialism and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Briefly, Integrative Therapy is an approach to therapy that recognizes the uniqueness and inherent value of each individual.

It is the process of making whole.The bringing together of all aspects of an individual.

Integrative Therapy responds effectively and appropriately on all levels whether physiological, emotional, cognitive, behavioral or spiritual; within the individual.

And on a trans-personal level.

Through such integration, an individual is able to respond to others and their environment with spontaneity.

With freedom.

Without the limiting reliance on “pre-formed” attitudes, opinions, and behaviors.

The term Integrative Therapy also refers to the integration of different therapeutic approaches such as, Gestalt Therapy; Person Centered Therapy; Narrative and Family Therapy; Psycho-dynamic and Behaviorist approaches; CBT; Transactional-Analysis and creative Metaphorical work.

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